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Aghajani Handicrafts Collection has the largest turquoise engraving production line in the Middle East, as well as several other production lines in the fields of turquoise silver, calligraphy, coppersmithing, goldsmithing, turquoise silver, Tammakhatam and coppersmithing. For easy purchase of these products, we have launched the Aghajani handicrafts online store. Therefore, those interested can buy all the handicraft products of our collection online and without intermediaries at the best possible price from our online store. All our products have a guarantee of product authenticity and a warranty card

All kinds of products in Aghajani handicrafts online store

To buy handicrafts online from Aghajani handicrafts online store, you must first be familiar with the categories of these products. We have placed our products in several main categories, some of which have several sub-categories. In the following, you will get to know these groups.

Turquoise dyeing products
Turquoise engraving is one of the original Iranian arts that has increased the use of Iranian turquoise stone. This art is also known as turquoise engraving on copper. To produce our products in this group, we use authentic and high-quality Iranian turquoise stones that are extracted from the mines of Neishabur and some other cities.
Turquoise silver products
Satisfaction with the quality of the products and services provided and the high demand of customers led to the creation of turquoise silver products. These products with the infrastructure of silver and turquoise stones created a new production line in Aghajani handicrafts and a huge evolution in the field of handicrafts. The eye-catching combination of silver and turquoise has placed this product in the category of luxury and decorative goods. The wide variety of Aghajani turquoise silver products has played an important role in meeting the needs of this field. The turquoise silver production line was launched in May 1402 with the cooperation of a group of artisans from Aghajani. The process of producing turquoise silver products has a similar process to the process of producing turquoise on copper, and the differences are the greater thickness of the silver sheets and the difference in washing tools. Also, the use of 999 carat silver in the production of turquoise silver products made these products have a guarantee and certificate of product authenticity in order to preserve capital and provide peace of mind to our dear customers.
Khatam products
Khatamkari products are another group of handicraft products of Aghajani online store. The art of inlaying is an art that is more than a thousand years old in Iran, and we use the techniques and experience of the masters of this art to engrave pieces of inlay on copper surfaces in objects such as Teng, drinking cups, etc. or on wood in objects such as We put a backgammon board. We have also placed these products in 3 levels in terms of quality and price, which are: •Copper and Khatam • Premium copper and seal • Exquisite seal
Solat flower and chicken and Pardaz
Gol and Morgh and Pardaz products in general mean to increase the beauty of objects by using special methods of Iranian painting. Gol and Morgh and Pardaz products in our store include various items, among these products we can mention a variety of nut bowls, mirrors, plates and flying saucers, pitchers, tangs, cups, samovar service, syrup service, Sanbeldan, etc. These products all have famous Iranian painting designs such as flowers and chickens.
Advantages of buying handicraft products from Aghajani online store
Buying handicraft products from the Aghajani online store means buying the product directly and without intermediaries from the Aghajani factories. This means you can buy these products at the best price and ensure quality. One of the distinguishing features of Aghajani collection compared to all competitors is that even infrastructure preparation steps such as grinding, washing, brushing and polyester are also done in this collection. Therefore, all our products are competitively priced.
In the following, we will get to know some other advantages of buying handicraft products from Aghajani online store: • Very high variety of products in all kinds of turquoise embroidery, floral embroidery, calligraphy and inlaying • Using the knowledge and experience of handicraft masters in Isfahan province • The use of high-quality metal and turquoise materials in the Aghajani collection • Presentation of product ID for the exquisite products of Aghajani collection • Easy and quick purchase of products with just a few clicks • The possibility of buying expensive products in installments or buying in large quantities • Fast delivery of products to any part of Iran • The possibility of online payment and on-site payment • Providing free consulting services for choosing and buying products • Providing a warranty card and guaranteeing the originality of the products • Free shipping of handicraft products
Buy luxury handicraft products from Aghajani online store
Aghajani's handicraft products are manifestations of authentic Iranian arts in fields such as turquoise painting, inlaying, flower and morgh, and turquoise silver. The high quality of these products and their material and spiritual value have turned their purchase into a valuable investment as well as a way to increase the beauty of indoor environments at home and even at work. It is very easy to buy Aghajani handicraft products online. You must first register on the site. Next, select the desired products and add them to your shopping cart. The possibility of paying in installments, online payment on the site and on-site payment are also payment methods for our products. After purchase, you can return the product within 7 days, the conditions of which can be seen in the purchase guide section of the website.

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